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Any of the Power Series models will cut through lathe and plaster, though if there is a metal mesh backing for the L&P it is best to use the Hole Pro carbide blades
The blades are designed to cut up to 100 holes in materials such as wood or sheetrock. The metal cutting hold cutters are designed to cut up to 50 holes. This is an average, as the circumference of the hole affects the amount of material being cut
Each hole cutter comes with 2 sets of blades. One set of tungsten carbide blades are installed in the hole cutter. One set of HSS (high speed steel) blades are in the upper right hand corner of the carry case. Both types of blades are user replaceable and can be ordered separately
Conventional cup hole saws cut only one size hole. For multiple size holes one needs multiple cup hole saws that need to be attached to a mandrel for use. The Hole Pro adjustable hole cutters enable an almost infinite range of hole diameters to be cut using a single tool.
The Hole Pro adjustable hole cutters greatly reduce the chance for kickback as compared to conventional cup style hole saws which with their side walls that can easily stall and kickback.
It is possible that to cut materials up to 2 inches in thickness by first cutting from one side of the work piece and then using the center drill to cut through the other side using the center hole to keep the holes aligned.
The shield remains stationary against the work being cut helping to keep the drill aligned while the rubber edge seal keeps the dust and shavings inside the collector slots. The shield operates like a portable drill press, making the hole being cut perfectly circular.
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