9 Inch Inside Diameter Hole Saw Dust Shield and Arbor

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The Hole Pro Large (9 Inch Inside Diameter) Shield kit comes with the following components:
• ABS (11-1/4 inch outside diameter OD) transparent shield with ball bearing mount
• Orange adjustment knob
• XL Arbor for all 1/2 inch-20 and 5/8 inch-18 threaded hole saws up to 2-1/4 inch cutting depth
• Yellow storage pouch
• Tensioning spring
• Release bar
• Hex wrench
• 6mm High Speed Steel pilot bit (replacement SKU HP1198)
• Includes pre-cut hole with plastic plug in shield for use when NOT using Optional Vacuum Adapter
• Spacer disk
• For lead paint and asbestos containment
• Optional vacuum adapter can be used with HEPA for negative dust containment

** Vacuum adapter NOT INCLUDED**
** Hole Saw NOT INCLUDED**
** Replacement 6mm HSS Pilot Bit SKU HP1198**

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in

3 reviews for 9 Inch Inside Diameter Hole Saw Dust Shield and Arbor

  1. William

    Bought the Hole Pro arbor and shield kit to make holes for ceiling lights. For houses with plaster ceilings I find it safest to use the Blue Boar hole saw in the 6-3/8 inch size. The shield is large enough for a 9″ hole saw if you have one that big. The depth of 2-1/4″ means I can use it with very deep hole saws like the Blue Boar Mega ones which I use on both ceilings and walls on projects. Shield is very strong and should last for many years. Love the soft silicon rubber gasket that keeps the dust and shavings inside the shield and no need for a drop cloth.

  2. Ron

    I bought this product to install larger diameter 6″ LED lights where I already had 4″ lights in a drywall ceiling. Great product as not only does it contain the dust and mess, but acts to stabilize the hole saw where there is already a hole. Just remove the arbor for existing holes and use the tension of the shield to keep things steady. One tip is I used my laser to shoot a center line, then traced the shield around each hole before putting into a drill and hoping I was aligned. Use the tracing for my alignment instead of the arbor.

  3. Mike

    I have been using the small shield kit for several years and was happy to see that I could get a larger shield to use with 6-3/8 carbide grit hole saws when making holes in plaster ceilings for recessed lights. The soft gasket on the edge of the shield traps 100% of the dust but the shield has a hole with a cap so a vacuum adapter can be installed for use with a HEPA vacuum where this is mandated as with lead paint and asbestos. Shield has a ball bearing insert so hole cutter spins on the arbor but not the shield.

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