4-1/4 Inch Stucco & Fiberglass Hole Saw Cutter No Arbor

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Technical Details:
• 4-1/4 Inch Stucco and Fiberglass tungsten carbide tipped TCT hole saw
• 8mm carbide tipped pilot bit included
• 2-1/8 inch cutting depth
• Uses a standard 5/8 inch – 18 thread 2 pin arbor (NOT INCLUDED)
• Ejection spring included for fast plug removal – pushes the wood behind the stucco out
• Cutting teeth engineered to cut stucco, fiberglass, Hardie cement board, engineered woods (OSB and plywood), hard or composite plastic
• Can be used with Hole Pro XL Arbor and XL Shield Kit (HP1168-71) for dust protection.

Designed with deep side gullets for rapid cutting and fast plug removal of holes in masonry and wood and composite materials.

Engineered with a unique tooth design and using premium grade tungsten carbide tips, the hole cutters are able to withstand the demands of cutting through masonry while maintaining a cutting edge that cuts effectively through hard and soft wood, plywood, OSB, and chipboard

See stucco hole saw cutter using a Hole Pro Dust Shield https://holecutterstore.com/hole-pro-abs-dust-shields-arbor-adapters-and-vacuum-adapters.html

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1 review for 4-1/4 Inch Stucco & Fiberglass Hole Saw Cutter No Arbor

  1. Will

    I have used masonry drills on stucco and it is a time consuming process to make lots of little holes, chisel them out without cracking the stucco or brick and then cutting through the plywood behind the stucco using a hole saw. With the Blue Boar stucco bit the tungsten carbide cutting teeth are massive and quickly chew their way through the stucco and keep right on going through the metal lath and through the wood sheathing, all in one pass. Takes one minute to make holes that used to take 30-40 minutes and no risk of damage to the stucco.

    These Blue Boar masonry bits also work very well cutting holes in thick plaster, Hardie siding, FRP, and fiberglass. They cut much more quickly and last 20 times as long as a bi-metal hole saw. On one project I was cutting vent holes in fiber cement board and getting 4 holes per each bi-metal hole saw. I switched to the Blue Boar TCT stucco bit and cut dozens of holes in minutes and got the project back on schedule.

    The pilot bit is tipped with tungsten so it does its part for a long time. It is 8mm thick (1/4″ pilot bits are only 6.35mm) and I have never broken one. Larger sizes of hole cutters use a 10mm pilot drill that would be nearly impossible to break. I use even the 6-1/4″ size stucco hole cutter with a 18 volt DeWalt cordless drill and it provides more than enough power. There is also the option of getting the SDS adapter to use with a cutting head and it comes complete with a pilot bit and the ejection spring so you only need to add the cutter.

    With a hammer drill the hammer action should be turned off. Unlike the core bits with the blunt carbide tips that rely on hammer action to pound their way through these cutters cut a lot faster and without the hammering the problem of cracking the stucco is eliminated completely.

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